Take a look at our different Ads and Prices

Zones based Ads

Modern Ad

A modern Ad with an image and text.

Cost per Click: 0.34€
Cost per Mille: 1.29€

Text Ad

A simple text ad without an image: Content is King.

Cost per Click: 0.24€
Cost per Mille: 1.07€

Classic Image Banners

We also provide classic image banners..

Sidebar Banner 300x250

Cost per Click: 0.38€
Cost per Mille: 1.35€

Leaderboard Banner 920x120

Cost per Click: 0.31€
Cost per Mille: 1.05€

Keywords based Ads

Creating a keywords based campaign is useful if you need to restrict your ads to a specific target group within the Flight Simulation community. Here you can determine your own prices. The minimum price per click is 0.15€ for a keyword based campaign.
If there are more parties advertising on a keyword you are also using, you can increase your ad's contribution by offering a higher bid.

Packages: Discount possibilities

Credit Pack M

5% Discount

Credit Pack L

10% Discount

Credit Pack XL

15% Discount

Credit Pack S

0% Discount