Who We Are

In 2010, we started with our own online-magazine about Flight Simulation. Not only did we developed it to become one of the leading pages on the market, we also know a lot about Flight Simulation. After about four years of service, we noticed how hard it is to generate some advertisement incomes for content publishers like us.

Subsequently, we tried different services like Google AdWords and Co. but we were not satisfied with the results. Primarily, we wanted Flight Simulation related advertisement for our visitors and not these irritating ads.

We figured how useful a centeral service would be, where Flight Simulation related content publishers could easily register, start delivering Ads booked by Flightsim Developers, Shop Owners and Retailers and earn money. This was the birth of the Idea of the FlightSim AdWork.

But there's also a great value for Advertisers: Consider how easy and comfortable it is to have only one single portal for advertising. You will no longer have to create or edit your campaigns on every single Flight Simulation page, just do it once via the FlightSim AdWork. We choosed a powerful Ad manager software and suited it perfectly to the needs of Content Publishers and Advertisers in the Flight Simulation business.

  • First Advertising Network solely for the Flightsim Community
  • We bring content publishers and add-on developers together
  • Attractive interface between both parties
  • Advertisers or Content Publishers: Earn money from each other

Our Team

Photo of Sascha Schreck

Founder and CEO of the FlightSim AdWork

Sascha Schreck

Photo of Frank Kuhn

Frank Kuhn is our Key Account Manager

Frank Kuhn

Key Account Manager

The FlightSim AdWork is the first Advertising Service which brings Flight Simulation business people and Content Publishers together. No matter which business you are running, with FlightSim AdWork you can advertise your FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane Sceneries, Aircraft, Services or your Virtual Airline. Try us today, start your first campaign and appreciate the great value of our particular proximity to your target group and our cheap prices.

Our History

October 2016


In October 2016, we started working on our next Portal. With "Flightsimrating.com" we will bring the first review portal online, where everybody can rate Flight Simulation products. As we are already very far with our work, the Portal is actually in beta state and already online.


FlightSim AdWork

On the 2nd of November 2015, we launched the "FlightSim AdWork". At this time, we spent more than five years in developing our Flight Simulation page flusinews.de. But with a growing website, the costs are also rising. This was the main factor for us to look out for some solutions to participate at an Ad-service only for Flight Simulation. As there was no service like that, we recognized this business gap and started working something like this. After months of hard work, we launched it in November 2015. The FlightSim AdWork was born.


The Acquisition of Lockonforum.de

In 2014, Viper searched for motivated successors to take ove his Community Lockonforum.de. His decision was age-related. We found his appeal and immediatly started the proceedings as we finally did the take-over in August 2014. About one year later, we performed a re-launch of the "Lockonforum Germany" with an up-to-date forums software and a modern look. We also connected the Lockonforum to our existing community flusiboard.


Launching flusiboard.de

In October 2011, we started flusiboard.de to build up a community for our News and Review portal flusinews.de, founded one and a half years earlier. But flusiboard started growing up not until end of 2015.



In April 2010, we started flusinews.de as a general Flight Simulation News and Review portal which is not topic-restricted to helicopters. This was the absolutely right step as today flusinews.de is still online and growing while coptersim.de is closed since a few years.


Starting our first Portal: coptersim.de

As a small german helicopter fan group of three guys, we started our first web portal dealing with Helicopter flying on Microsoft Flight Simulator X. "coptersim.de" got a active news section and a lively community. But we quickly recognised that the gap of german FS Helicopter pilots is way too small to keep a community alive which is only restricted to this topic. So Sascha started to look out to start a general Flightsim portal, dealing with all topics regarding Flight Simulation. This was the beginning of flusinews.de.







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